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Term 1, 2014

Thursday (9 Weeks):
10-11am - $175.50
Saturday (9 Weeks): 9.45-10.45am - $175.50

Please Note: Term 1 commences on Monday the 3rd of February.

Micro Stars is the perfect start for any youngster who has an interest in acting/drama, singing, music, dance or storytelling.

The classes create a positive and fun environment in which children can begin developing their skills in voice, movement, acting, dancing and story telling.

It is the perfect way for children to use their body, voice and imagination in new ways and begin to explore topics like emotions, relationships with others and presentation/performance skills.

By exploring and increasing their skills early on children gain incredible respect and confidence in themselves and learn to love what makes them unique; while also developing an empathy and understanding of other people and their stories.

In keeping with the Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework we believe our program helps children develop a strong sense of identity whilst focusing on developing effective verbal and non-verbal communication skills. Most importantly our classes develop children's confidence whilst having lots of FUN!

Classes will involve vocal/movement/acting warm ups and games, learning and performing songs, dances, stories and scenes.

These may then be performed for either an invited audience or camera.

Preschoolers do not have to wait for the previous course to finish they can jump in anytime during the term.